Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop.


Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. constantly supports the processing of data of those concerned with their security, integrity and confidentiality, working to ensure that the data are processed in a lawful, correct and transparent manner.

Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. processes personal data on behalf of and on the recommendation of its customers and therefore holds the role of data processing manager pursuant to the GDPR, article 4 paragraph 8. If, again on the customer’s recommendation, Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. participates in the choice of the purpose or, more frequently, of the means of processing personal data, Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. plays the role of joint data controller, pursuant to the GDPR, article 4 paragraph 7 and article 26.

Personal data are processed only in a lawful manner, therefore either explicit consent is requested from the data subject (directly or by the main joint data controller) or they are processed to pursue the legitimate interest of the main data controller provided that the latter interests do not affect the rights and freedoms of the data subject.

The place where the processing of personal data takes place is physically within the European Union.

This Information on Data Processing and Privacy applies to all of our services, unless otherwise specified. In particular, all cases in which the customer transmits to Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop are excluded from this information. only the element of pseudonymisation (as defined below), without any information being provided to trace the person concerned, as the case is expressly excluded by the Data Protection Regulation (except for the fact that Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. works to ensure that the data are safe, complete and confidential regardless).


GDPR: General Data Protection Regulament (General Regulation of Personal Data) is the 2016/679 Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, as well as the free circulation of such data.

Remote transmission and / or remote sensing device: in this context, an apparatus that collects data relating to an object or a person or an animal (normally to be monitored) and which transmits them to our platform (see definition below) which processes them for provide the services covered by the contract stipulated with Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop.

Locator: remote transmission device which, among the data collected and transmitted, includes in particular data on the position of the device and time.

Platform: system for receiving and processing the collected data and presenting it to users who can access it, partially or totally, according to the profiling, thus allowing to use the services of Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop.

App: application used to access platform data with credentials, optimized for portable devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Web interface (sometimes also called Portal for accessing the platform from web / Internet / browser): Internet page that allows access to the services made available by the Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop platform. by entering your credentials in a specific page of a browser.

Customer: person who has purchased one or more services of Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. to manage one or more own or third party objects, for which it is the main owner of the collected data. Depending on the contract, a customer can have one or more users.

User: single user of the platform, who can access with their own username and password.

Activity: any action / operation that takes place on the platform, and as such should be understood in exclusive reference / relationship to the platform and entails access or potential access to personal data. The purpose of the protection systems implemented by Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. is that all activities take place solely for the purposes envisaged by the services of Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. by authorized users and to block any action that does not have this purpose and comes from users without the title / authorization to access.

Administrative user: (for customers with the possibility of having multiple users) user with particular prerogatives / permissions who is able to create other users relating to the same customer, and to grant such users partial access to the data of their competence and to see the data personal data of other users of the customer.

Credit card token: code that payment systems associate with a credit card only a single recipient of the card owner’s payments. This allows those who request a payment to debit the card owner without knowing or even memorizing the number and control code of the card itself. The user can have the token relating only to that recipient revoked at any time without the need to change the credit card and without limiting the security of purchases with other recipients.

Those written in the GDPR are an integral part of the definitions, in particular:

  • personal data and interested party (Article 4 paragraph 1),
  • treatment (Article 4 paragraph 2),
  • profiling (Article 4, paragraph 4),
  • pseudonymisation (Article 4 paragraph 5),
  • archive (hereinafter also database or database art.4 paragraph 6),
  • data controller (Article 4 paragraph 7)
  • co-owner (Article 26),
  • data processor (Article 4 paragraph 8),
  • Data Protection Officer (Section 5),
  • Third party manager (Article 4 paragraph 10),
  • consent of the interested party (Article 4 paragraph 11).

Information collected

Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. receives or collects information when the user or the organization installs remote transmission devices on mobile and non-mobile objects (people, animals), when he uses these objects, until he deactivates them, temporarily or permanently. In addition to this, Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. receives or collects information when a user accesses through applications the services made available on the Internet by Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. , collecting them to make available, provide, improve, understand, personalize, support and (only upon explicit confirmation of the interested party) to market their services.

The type of information we receive and collect depends on the specific service activated.

Information provided by the user

  • User account information. The user could provide, if agreed, his name and surname, e-mail address, his mobile number, the identification of an electronic personal recognizer (such as badges) and other data, always dependent on the service activated and on agreements with the co-owner.
  • User messages. Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. could collect the emails sent by the user to the assistance services for the sole purpose of satisfying the user’s request and possibly creating statistics on the type of problems or suggestions to improve the services offered. Emails sent to (or received from) the addresses of the @ mail domain are stored in mail servers managed only by companies that have joined the GDPR at least in the services they distribute within the European Union. Anyone who has received one or more messages not addressed to him by mistake from one of these email addresses is requested to delete them and not forward them to any third party.
  • Payments. The customer supplies Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. all data that allow you to manage payments for the service and related tax responsibilities, even when they concern a customer of a natural person type. For such data, the tax rules of the Italian state will apply, so the data will remain in the archives, once the service is accepted, according to this prevailing legislation. Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. it could also collect names, e-mails, telephone numbers and mobile contact numbers of an administrative nature to facilitate the carrying out of the practices. For some services, Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. can activate in agreement with the customer forms of online payment that require the storage of a credit card token (see definitions). Only and exclusively at the explicit request of the Data Controller (of which Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. is a joint owner), Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. transmits billing data to third party companies and financial institutions.

Information Collected Automatically

  • Usage and access information. The platform of Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. collects information relating to the user’s activity on the services it offers, such as those on use, diagnostics and performance. This includes information about your activity (including how you use our services, service settings, how you interact with others through our services, as well as the times, frequency and duration of activities and interactions), log files and reports related to diagnostics, crashes, website and performance. It also includes information on when the user registered to use our services, the functions that are used, when he last used our services (“last access”) and when he updated your personal information for the last time.
  • Information from device connections on objects. Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. collects specific information regarding the position and time of each object in which a remote sensing device has been installed, connected to the telephony network, to the personal identification device that allows to use this object (where provided) and any other information that the installed device transmits according to the service purchased. This information is transmitted using confidential and fully secure network access points (APNs); from there the data travels on the Internet in an encrypted way, following adequate security protocols.
  • Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. uses cookies in its web services to make available and provide services, as well as to offer them on the web, to improve the user experience, to understand how the services are used and to personalize them. It also uses cookies to remember user choices, such as language preferences, to provide a safer experience and to customize the services offered to the user.
  • Third Party Service Providers We work with third party service providers to make available, provide and support services. For example, we work with companies to provide telephone support for assistance to the end customer every day and at all hours; we work with companies that allow us to support our platforms both from the point of view of continuity of service delivery and of protection of your data.

We work with third party suppliers of installation activities of our devices (for example authorized workshops to install trackers in customers’ vehicles) to whom we give the necessary data to contact who owns or manages the object in which the device will be installed. Usually this information is: the name, surname, telephone and / or mobile phone and / or e-mail address of the person that suppliers must be able to contact.

These companies apply the same policies that we have adopted to guarantee Data Protection.

Methods of use of the information by Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop.

Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. uses the information at its disposal (subject to the user’s choices) for these purposes and in these ways:

  • Conero Fish Services Soc. Coop . Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. uses the information at its disposal to make its services available and deliver, providing customer support and improving, solving problems and customizing services. Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. understands how people use its services and analyzes them to evaluate and improve the services themselves, develop and test new services and functions and identify and solve problems. The information is also used to provide an answer when the user contacts Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop.
  • Security and safety . Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. verifies accounts and activities and promotes safety and security inside and outside the services, for example by analyzing suspicious activity, to ensure lawful use of the services.
  • No third party banner ads. We do not allow third party banner ads on our applications. We have no intention of adopting them, but, if we ever do, we will update this Notice.

Information shared between Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. and users and / or customers

Only for contracts stipulated ad hoc, Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. integrates its services, sharing information with customers about their ERP and / or CRM (or databases). Except in particular cases and upon explicit request, Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. does not access external data, but can send them to the aforementioned ERP and / or CRM.

  • Account information. Special administrative users can be configured on the platform who access, thanks to a specific level of permission, the data of other accounts of the same customer. These data can be the name and surname, telephone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address. On the other hand, there is no data shared between different customers. Each administrative user of the customer is responsible for applying the regulation (and any other provisions and legal adjustments) for any personal data of third parties that they process through our platform.

Sale, change in the controlling company structure and transfer

All of our rights and obligations specified in this Privacy Policy may be freely transferred by us to our affiliated companies in the event of a merger, acquisition, restructuring or sale of assets or by way of inheritance or other transaction. Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. also reserves the right to transfer user information to its affiliates, assignees or a new owner.

Application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to users in the European Region

Legal basis for data processing

Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. collects, uses and processes the information at its disposal as described above:

  • as needed to comply with our contractual and service delivery terms;
  • in accordance with the user’s consent, revocable at any time;
  • as necessary to comply with our legal obligations and in any case at the request of the Authorities;
  • as needed for legitimate interests (including third parties), including the importance we attach to the provision of an innovative, relevant, safe and profitable service for our customers and partners. This is excluded when rights, subjective or otherwise, and personal freedoms that require the protection of personal data prevail over these interests.

How to exercise the rights of the interested party

Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the data subject has the right to access, rectify, transfer and delete their information and the right to restrict and object to certain types of information processing. The interested party can access or transfer their information through a simple request to the company by e-mail to the address This request will be satisfied within the possible technical times and in any case no later than 90 days from receipt of the request. Depending on the permissions granted to his user account, the interested party who realizes that their data is incorrect can:

  1. correct them directly from the platform;
  2. send an e-mail to the address , motivating the request and specifying their ownership.

If we are processing your information on the basis of the legitimate interests of a joint personal data controller, the data subject may object to such processing. In this case, we will stop the processing of that personal data, unless it is based on valid legitimate reasons or it is necessary for legal reasons (Article 6, paragraph 1 letters a) to e)).

Management and deletion of user information

We store information as long as necessary to provide our services or until your account is deleted, whichever comes first. This is a case-by-case determination that varies based on elements such as the nature of the information, why it is collected and processed, and relevant legal or operational retention needs.

If you want to manage, modify, limit or delete your information, you can do so as described above.

Law and protection

Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. may collect, use, store and share your information if it believes in good faith that this is reasonably necessary to:

(a) respond, pursuant to applicable law or regulations, to legal proceedings or to governmental or public authority requests;

(b) apply our Terms and / or other applicable conditions and notices, including for the purpose of analyzing potential violations;

(c) identify, analyze, prevent and manage fraud and other illegal activities or technical problems or security holes;

(d) protect the rights, property and safety of users of Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. or third parties, including preventing events that could lead to imminent physical damage or death.

Operations globally

Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. shares with third party suppliers only the information necessary for support and security in compliance with this Privacy Policy. The information controlled by Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. are resident exclusively in the territory of the European Union, but being accessible, albeit in total safety, from the Internet, they can be visible outside the country in which the user resides, always for the purposes described in this Notice. The transferred data is necessary to provide the services described in our Terms and to manage and offer our services globally. Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. occasionally makes use of suppliers who reside outside the European Union, but on nations that have concluded agreements with the Union for the uniformity of their legislation with that of the Union regarding security and data protection policies.

Updates to the information

You will be notified prior to any changes to this Privacy Policy and will be able to read the revised version before choosing to continue using our services.

contact info

For any questions about the Privacy Policy, you can write to:

Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop.

ca: Privacy Policy

Via Vanoni, 2 ZIPA area 60125 Ancona


You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Italian Privacy Authority or with the local supervisory authority.

Methods of processing information by Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop.

Under European law, companies must have a legal basis to process the data. The particular rights that the user has vary according to the legal basis in use, as explained below. Regardless of the legal basis applied, the user always and in any case enjoys the right to request access, rectification and deletion of their data pursuant to the GDPR. To exercise your rights, please consult this section under “How to exercise your rights”.

For all persons who have the legal capacity to validly conclude contracts, we process the data as necessary for the fulfillment of the same (under the conditions also called “Terms”). We illustrate the contractual services for which data processing is necessary in the “Conditions and / or Terms of Contracts” and related Annexes. To provide our contractual services, we need the data mainly for the following purposes:

  • Provide, improve, personalize and support our services, as described above;
  • Guarantee protection and safety;
  • Communicate with the user, for example about reports related to the service.

These uses are explained in greater detail in our Privacy Policy in the section How to use the information by Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. and the Global Operations section. We will use the data in our possession to provide these services; if the user chooses not to provide certain data, this could affect the quality of his experience in using the services of Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop.

When we process the data that you provide to us for the fulfillment of contracts, you have the right to transmit them pursuant to the GDPR. To exercise your rights, please consult the section How to exercise your rights in the Privacy Policy.

The following are the other legal bases we use in certain cases of user data processing.

User consent:

  • For the collection and use of information that the user allows us to receive through the activated device settings (mainly access to GPS position and possibly information on the vehicle parameters (if such is the remote-detected object) or other specific parameters of the object that describe its operation, so as to be able to offer it the functions and services when activating the settings.

When we process the data that you provide to us with your consent, you have the right to revoke it myself at any time and to pass on the data provided to third parties, in accordance with the GDPR. To exercise their rights, the user can access the device settings, and in any case write to the e-mail address .

Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. contracts only with people who have reached the age of majority (18 years or over, in most EU countries). However, if data relating to a minor are collected without our knowledge, it is our legitimate interest to carry out all the operations as described in “our services”;

The processing in question is based on the following legitimate interests:

  • Protect our platform and network, verify accounts and activity, combat malicious conduct, investigate suspicious activity or violations of our terms.
  • Provide accurate and reliable reporting to businesses and other partners to ensure accurate pricing and performance statistics and to demonstrate the value our partners achieve by using our services;
  • In the interests of companies and other partners, help them understand their customers and improve their businesses, validate our pricing models, evaluate the efficiency and delivery of services, and understand how people interact with them on our services.
  • To share information with others, including law enforcement, and to respond to legal requests. Please see our Privacy Policy under the Law and Protection section for more information.

The purposes of this processing include:

  • The offer of measurements, statistical data (without ever references to the individual concerned) and other services in the event that we process the data as Data Controller.

The user has the right to oppose and limit this treatment. To exercise your rights, please consult the section How to exercise your rights in the Privacy Policy.

We will consider several factors when assessing objections, including: reasonable expectations of users, benefits and risks to you, us, other users or third parties, and other means available to achieve the same purpose that may be less invasive and require no effort. disproportionate. Your objections will be upheld and we will cease to process your information, unless the continuation of the processing is based on valid legitimate reasons or is necessary for legal reasons.

Compliance with a legal obligation means:

  • The processing of data in the cases provided for by law, including, for example, in the presence of a valid legal request for certain data. Please see our Privacy Policy under the Law and Protection section for more information.

By protecting our vital interests or those of other people we mean:

  • The vital interests on which we rely for this processing, which include the protection of your life or physical integrity or that of others. We rely on them to combat illegitimate behavior and promote safety and security, for example in cases where we investigate reports of harmful behavior or when someone needs help.

By activities carried out in the public interest we mean any action aimed at:

  • undertake research and to promote safety and security as described in detail in our Privacy Policy in the section How to use information by Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. , in cases where this is necessary for the public interest, as required by the law of the European Union or of the Member State to which we are subject.

When we process data as needed for activities performed in the public interest, you have the right to object and request limitations on our processing. To exercise your rights, please consult the section How to exercise your rights in the Privacy Policy.


Info about cookies

A cookie is a small text file. Websites ask the browser to store cookies on your computer or mobile device.

How we use cookies

We use cookies to understand, ensure, operate, and provide our services via the web. For example, we use cookies:

  • To identify each user session until its disconnection, without any reference to the device of origin, name, relationship with the data read, collected or processed.
  • to make Targa Telematics understand how our services are used, and personalize them; in particular to analyze the functions most used globally by users and to improve and optimize the experience. How to control cookies

Just follow the instructions provided by your browser or device (usually found in “Settings” or “Preferences”) to change your cookie settings. Consider that by setting the deactivation of cookies in your browser or device, some of our services may not work properly or completely.

Use of cookies on the site of Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop.

Unlike what happens in the App and in the web interface, to view the use of cookies on the institutional site of Ittica del Conero Soc. Coop. go to the page:

Data protection and copying

The personal data of our users are stored in databases using encryption algorithms in line with the highest degrees of protection available on the market. Data access from the platform takes place exclusively through https sites with accredited certificates from the main browsers on the market.

Direct access to the data from the database is forbidden to users and takes place in encrypted form by the maintenance and assistance operators, when they do not access locally.

The data sent by our devices only use dedicated APNs and in the transmission stretch from the APN to the servers they are encrypted.

The servers are protected by the most modern network protection systems and periodically updated.

The accesses are recorded and at the same time services are used that monitor unauthorized activities and security breaches (data breach).

The data is redundant. In case the interested parties wish to exercise the right to be forgotten, the personal data will also be deleted from the back-ups and logs after a maximum time of 180 days, unless otherwise agreed in the contract.

Request information